Roberto Barni

The sculptor painter Roberto Barni was born in Pistoia in 1939, Tuscan to all intents and purposes, the artist lives and works in Florence.
He began painting in the 50s. Towards the end of the decade, leaving the first abstract paintings made ​​from different materials: iron, wood, photography, newspaper. His first exhibition dates back to 1960 while in 1963 he won a scholarship sponsored by the City of Florence.
In May 1962 he exhibited his obituary. His art draws on the repertoire of images and artificial industrial, topography, great landscapes painted in strong contrast to enamel, iron objects painted.
In 1965 he participated in the vanguard of Europe “Revort I. Documents of objective art in Europe,” at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Palermo.
From 1960 to 1970, continues to exhibit his work at various exhibitions and galleries in Italy and in Europe.
In 1972, after ten years from the obituary, he began his artistic resurrection and is dedicated to the construction of large calendars. Roberto Barni painter has his artistic vision as anachronistic. Claim it a vision of the artist is not conditioned by time, materials and techniques, everything outside of contemporaneity.
Dates back to the early eighties his solo exhibition at the Spoleto “Festival of Two Worlds”, followed by other exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale, Florence, Milan at the Galleria Aries, in Paris, and went on to New York in 1985 Shape at the Queens Gallery and Museum.

The artist takes part at major international exhibitions such as “A New Romanticism” in Washington DC and Ohio, “Avant-garde in the Eighties” at LA Los Angeles County Museum, the Venice Biennial as a sculptor in 1988, the Biennale of Sculpture in Monaco. The early 90s saw the birth of paintings and drawings with large pads of newspaper. In his works appear mainly animals, that as human beings are explorers of the entire universe.
Roberto Barni: Remar ControRoberto Barni began to devote more space to the sculpture.
Produce Act dumb, Nursery Rhyme, vacina, Opposing views. He exhibited at the Tour Fromage in 1992, at the Marine Museum of Florence in 1994, at Fort Griffon in Besancon in 1996.
In 1997 Fabbroni Palace and the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest in 1999 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Reims.

Between 1999 and 2000 he made several sculptures, including Continuous for the collection of Daniel Spoerri in Seggiano and great vacina for the Pecci Museum in Prato.
In 2001 he began working with Alexander and Alexander Bagnai Poggiali presenting solo exhibitions in Siena and Florence.
Since 2002, there are various exhibitions presenting in Italy and Europe with great success.
His works are in many public collections, Collection Giuliano Gori Santomato Pistoia, the Foundation “The Garden of Daniel Spoerri” in Seggiano, Grosseto, the Gallery of Modern Art of Bologna, Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Rome, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci in Prato, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Palazzo Forti in Verona, the Museum of Modern Art in Spoleto, the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, the Queens Museum of New York, the Print Collection of the Tate Gallery in London.